Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website in order to achieve a higher search engine results page ranking. This is done through a number of improvements, upgrades and reconfigurations all aimed at ensuring that when your site is crawled by the search engines, it is viewed and categorised accurately and favourably.

The basic SEO premise is that a website should provide a clear, straightforward and richly informative experience for a user – this means having a website that is contemporary, well organised, and full of optimised content. There are other on-site factors (changes that are made directly to the website itself) and off-site factors (things that are not done to the website directly, but which have a significant impact, such as links) which are also addressed.

So, do I need SEO?

SEO is often considered the cornerstone of online marketing because, dollar for dollar, it is the most cost effective way to reach new potential clients/customers. Several industry case studies have compared the cost per lead (or acquisition/sale) of different online marketing techniques, as well as marketing options more broadly, including both print and broadcast media. Search engine optimisation consistently comes out on top.

The exact terms you focus on will depend on the industry you’re in, the unique nature of your business, and your short term goals vs your long term goals. For example, if you’re a house painter in Melbourne, you want your company to be among the top results should someone search Google for ‘house painter Melbourne’. SEO marketing is a time consuming process and, if you’re not knowledgeable in the area, it can often be ineffective. 

To get your company ranking well on Google, call us now. We'll organise for an SEO consultant to talk to you about your website and discuss how an online marketing strategy can work to increase your visitor numbers and sales today